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An ongoing series of informational entries about the Constitution of The People's Elysian Existence

Climate Change & Pollution

April 23, 2017 updated December 1, 2017

There is no room for pragmatism when it comes to the survival of the human species on planet earth. Compromises, unenforceable treaties, and other half- measures are wasting time and bringing climate change to a critical mass. Millions will perish and economies will be destroyed due to ignoring the problem. A self-inflicted weapon of mass destruction is being fueled by unchecked greed, skewed science, and fake news. Warnings by elite scientists go unheeded by useless politicians.

The Constitution of The People’s Elysian Existence (TPEE) was formulated to give the people a blueprint to effect meaningful change in many facets of societal living. Reversing the effects of climate change caused by overpopulation, environmental pollution, and ineffective government is the primary goal of the Tree Of Immortal Living (TOIL) Branches. (Note: There are no politicians or one supreme leader in the TPEE) Also, societal problems causing friction between sexes and ethnic groups are resolved to obtain a peaceful coexistence.

The People’s Elysian Existence Constitution provides for environmental protections and gives control of the state’s natural resources to the TOILs. The Natural Resource and Earth Science TOIL Branch, the Land Use TOIL Branch and the Waste Management TOIL Branch individually and collectively ensure the people are protected against polluters and use the best science available to make the environment as healthful as humanly as possible.

The key to controlling pollution is not giving the potential polluters ownership of the land.  It seems, when ownership of the land is granted, owners believe they can and do whatever they want to with no regard for anyone else. No one should have the right to destroy a resource which rightfully belongs to the entire population. In the TPEE the TOIL Branch sets the terms of the lease and thus regulates how it is utilized. Violation of the terms of use gives the state the authority to terminate the contract, confiscate real property, and press criminal charges against the misusers.

Using the best scientific knowledge available the erosion of the environment by corporate abusers could be mitigated. Climate change is unquestionably attributable to human causation. The first step in the mitigation is to stop contributing to the problem. Limiting pollutants is just not enough. The sources of the chaos affecting the climate must be discontinued to allow the climate to reorder itself naturally .

The second logical step is to repair the damage done by polluters. Only a well funded and strongly supported government can make this happen. It is a historical and known fact that corporations dole out technological solutions to problems. They do this when they calculate it is either profitable or when the governmental pressure is exerted. Companies prefer to exhaust the status quo before introducing innovations. Also, they prefer to continue to do it without additional regulation (cost) and lobby or bribe politicians to forestall regulation or accommodate a favorable business climate. The prevailing economic strategy is to produce the same commodity for as long as possible to maximize the return on investment. Collateral damage in the form harm to the environment, public health and safety are ignored. The fossil fuel industry is a prime example of this methodology. Resting the control of the world from the corporations will be difficult if not impossible.

People need to understand that they are the corporations. All corporations are composed of people, and thus they can become part of the solution instead of the source of the problem. People who work in upper management in these industries need to examine their ethics and morals. Money is not worth shortening your life for or the lives of future generations.

Article 51. Natural Resources

All mineral resources, waters, forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed land, beaches, and other natural resources are owned by the immortocracy, that is, by the whole people, with the exception of the forest, mountains, grasslands and unreclaimed land and beaches that are leased by collectives, communes, individuals, and co-ops in accordance with the law.

The appropriate TOIL branches ensure the rational use of natural resources and protects rare animals, insects, and plants. Appropriation or damaging natural resources by any organization or individual by whatever means is prohibited.

Article 50. Ownership Of Land Which Includes Water, And Minerals

Land in populated areas are owned by The People's Elysian Existence.

Land in the rural and suburban areas is leased by collectives except for those portions which belong to The People's Elysian Existence per the law; house sites and privately farmed plots of cropland and hilly land may be leased by collectives and individuals.

The People's Elysian Existence may, in the public interest and in accordance with the provisions of law, expropriate or requisition leased land for its use and shall make compensation for the land expropriated or requisitioned.

No organization or individual may appropriate, buy, sell or unlawfully transfer land in other ways. The right to the use of the land may be transferred in accordance with the law.

All organizations and individuals using land must ensure its rational use.

Any land abandoned, land judge to be abused or fought over by the users will have its use rights forfeited to The People's Elysian Existence.

Article 52. Pollution Control And Forestation

The People's Elysian Existence protects and improves the environment in which people live and the ecological environment. It prevents and controls pollution and other public hazards.

The People's Elysian Existence organizes and encourages afforestation and the protection of forests. Recognizes the effect of human activities upon the planet's climate and mitigates those consequences as a priority when conducting economic and other matters.

Overpopulation & Family Planning

April 15, 2017 updated December 1, 2017

The TPEE Constitution was designed to address several societal problems, none as important as dealing with the overpopulation of the planet by the human species. Humans have no real predators, and it can successfully defend itself from any animal other than another human(s). Black Bears and Grizzly Bears have just one predator threatening their existence, and that predator is a man. Nature can threaten any animal and cause events that result in the death of that animal. Humans can protect themselves from nature’s wrath if they have the resources, technology and the will to survive.

Overpopulation of any area puts enormous stress on natural resources, government services, housing, food supplies and employment opportunities. It often leads to famines, wars, crime, forced immigration, and plagues. No one truly wants to be born into such a situation; much less live in it. The human species cannot protect itself from overpopulation without addressing this pending danger. It needs proper government and education to curtail the threat overpopulation has on the global population.

If you think people or society will fix this overpopulation problem before it gets out of hand, you are wrong, because it is already a huge problem; the effects of which are worsening each passing day. Animals in the wild tend to balance out when overpopulation becomes a problem by dying off in large numbers due to a lack of food or water supplies. Nature slows their reproduction and survival rates. Predators increase in proportion to food supplies. Predators also have predators who eat them and so on. This is not the case with humans who are at the top of the food chain.

Sure, we humans kill other humans at an alarming rate, but there are few cannibals remaining in this world. Humans, on average, save and preserve more lives than we destroy. We produce more offspring than we kill by abortion or other means. The pure mathematics of human population growth is real science and not fake news. Overpopulation deniers are as dumb as a bag of hammers. So why is this problem of overpopulation not being addressed by the majority of the world governments save maybe China?

We only need to look at the influence of religion to see the root of the problem. Every organized religion in the world wants and promotes a growing membership. So churches encourage their members to reproduce for increased power and revenue. Yeah, they are greedy in that way like a corporation wanting a more significant market share. They turn a blind eye to overpopulation caused problems and resist common sense population control measures. The charitable acts they sponsor and finance add to the overpopulation problem by saving lives which would be terminated by the influences of overpopulation. Religious organizations by feeding the starving, healing the sick and taking in refugees of war or famine, mitigate the natural effects of overpopulation. It makes these agencies appear to be humanitarian and meritorious. Comparatively, it is like a corporation which profits by destroying the environment and causing the deaths of thousands giving to a charitable organization to get a tax deduction and improved public relations.

Religion has a decisive role in society in many ways. I am not condemning religion but pointing out a flaw in their philosophy and actions regarding overpopulation. Religious organizations need to promote birth control, family planning and abortion instead of war. These groups need to teach sex education and the risks to society that overpopulation poses.

The TPEE Constitution Article 48 gives the government the responsibility of controlling reproductive rights to prevent overpopulation which could affect society at large. It also ensures women exclusive control of their bodies and makes their decisions final. It restricts a woman from bearing children under any circumstance before the age of twenty-five years. It also restricts males from impregnating females before the age of twenty-five or marrying them. It is a way to ensure adequate time for couples to learn family planning. It does not forbid sex before marriage but makes childbearing without authorization illegal and birth control mandatory. Also, polygamy for either sex is legal but subject to family planning rules. Article 48 also allows for euthanasia and assisted suicide under medical supervision without repercussions.

In the TPEE childbearing is a regulated endeavor supported by the government. Before a female being allowed to conceive, she alone must have a billet. A billet is obtained from the family planning department, which certifies the woman has met the criteria for a successful pregnancy and that the offspring will fit the plan for population growth. The criteria will be the woman’s age, health, parenting education and commitment to mothering the child to the age of maturity. The state will provide pre-natal and post-natal healthcare, education or vocational schooling for life, paid maternity leave for the mother and the spouse (if there is a civil union). Male or transgender couples can use a surrogate or adopt a minor child.

Adoption of orphans or children removed from the parent(s) will be a priority for the department of family planning. Citizens meeting the criteria for a birthing billet may adopt up to two children. Adoption will be paid for by the state, and the minor children will enjoy the same benefits as a newborn. If no adoptable children exist within the borders of the TPEE, qualified citizens may adopt up to two minor children from foreign places. The state will fund these foreign adoptions to give these orphans a better life.

These policies will hopefully lead to fewer underage pregnancies, reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases, address the problem of overpopulation by regulating the number of births within the population, decrease the states burden for caring for orphans, increase the educational and literacy level of population under the age of 25 and over, give women the opportunity to obtain a more equal footing with males, assure that children are not born into poverty and break the cycle of poverty within visible minority populations.

The Constitution of the TPEE is designed to solve many social problems that many of today’s societies are embroiled in. Overpopulation and women’s rights are global problems which need to be resolved if we are to survive as a modern society. Zero population growth, a high standard of living and literacy and  peaceful coexistence are goals to strive for.

Article 48. Family Planning

The People's Elysian Existence promotes family planning and the adoption of orphans so that population growth may fit the plans for economic and social development. The People's Elysian Existence encourages and sanctions civil unions with other humans without regard to race, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs. Any one person may have as many spouses as they can shelter and feed in one single-family dwelling. Civil Unions or co-habitations are not allowed under the age of twenty-five years. All civil unions are subject to family planning regardless of the number of spouses and their ability to produce offspring. A person is considered a minor until the age of 25 years.

Women have the exclusive right to produce offspring but not before the age of 25 years. A woman may abort any fetus at any time without consulting any authority, in confidence, safely without retribution. Abortion is free, legal and a woman’s decision. Sexing of any offspring is prohibited. Euthanasia of a child under the age of six months for medical reasons under the law is allowed. Assisted Suicide for mature adults for medical reasons or informed request following the law is granted.

Separation of Powers

April 4, 2017 updated December 1, 2017

The United States Constitution contains the blueprint for the separation of powers for the United States of America. There are three branches of government, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches. Each branch having designated powers with the power to overrule the specific acts of any other branch. Each branch was given an exclusive role in governing the nation. It was supposed to prevent any one branch from going rogue. Over time it has led to many political battles, abuses, and corruption. Maybe worst of all, it has been unresponsive to the needs of the people, a less than ideal solution to the  problems of the nation and prone to the whims of monied special interests. In other words, it has become ineffective, expensive, controversial, divisive, corruptible, untrustworthy and unredeemable. Somehow it has survived and evolved into its present form. The question is how much longer will it survive without significant change or updating.

The invention of The People’s Elysian Existence (TPEE) Constitution was a direct result of a need for a better way to serve the people who require intelligent management of the world environment. People do want world peace, personal safety, a healthy environment, value for their money, a good education, adequate housing, enjoyment out of life and freedom to live their lives without stress.

As pointed out in the book “Wakeup & Live The Future,” current and past forms of governing have exhibited seriously flawed methods of achieving the goals of serving the people as a whole. At the foundation of these failed or failing systems of governance are the power structuring itself. Each one relied on top-down leadership from one consolidated entity. Be it a dictator or a central government the people looked to it solve their problems and provide protection and services they required to live. The people gave their power away either to representatives or had it taken from them by birth. The people had to settle for what they got or live a life of compromise and regret. Some resisted and were able to get incremental changes to their plight. Others died or were imprisoned for their efforts.

There has to be a better way to serve the needs of society and the people who must live in it. We know that power corrupts humans and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is human nature to take or give power. The adage is a that a person either leads, follows, or gets out of the way. Most people prefer to follow a responsible, intelligent leader who has demonstrated to them they can be trusted to do the right thing for them and society as a whole. Unfortunately, these kind of leaders are few and far between, and they usually find themselves at the mercy of monied interests or assassins.

To avoid the pitfalls of empowered leadership and ensure the best interests of society are served, a nation needs an efficient separation of powers. No kings, queens, dictators, premiers or presidents requiring homage or protection from the masses is needed. These type of leaders have proven to be obsolete in the new world of technology and the information age.

People want fairness and tranquility; not greed or struggle. Running a nation is unlike running a for-profit corporation. People are not commodities. Managing is not about profit; it is about harmony and order. Money cannot buy happiness or change how people get along with each other. Peace can only be achieved with diplomacy and not with a bribe or force.

All nations and societies need laws and regulations to maintain order, inspire innovation, preserve natural resources, ensure safety and many other necessary services. All laws and regulations should be inherently designed to limit risk, prevent abuses, restrict specific unwanted behavior and set standards. To be effective these laws and regulations must be enforced, clearly stated, easily understood, accessible, unbiased and uniform. Vague laws and regulations leave loopholes for less than ethical business owners to exploit and nullify the intent of the law or regulation. Often, special interests buy politicians or even worse elections to get favorable treatment from the government. Rarely are there any truly clean elections. The political landscape is littered with the bodies of honest men and women who couldn’t get elected because of dark money and gerrymandering.

Power is separated and diluted in the TPEE. There are no politicians, political parties or single leader with executive power. Management of the government and thus the people it serves is logically split-up among several branches of what is named the Tree Of Immortal Living (TOIL). The TOILs manage the TPEE’s laws and regulations in accordance with the TPEE’s Constitution without involving politics. The TOIL branch members are democratically approved by the people after they meet the strict qualifications for the positions, submit to security clearances (including polygraphs ) and vetting by public competitions nationally televised.

Power is separated among the sixteen branches of the TOIL named in Article 41 of the Constitution which establish, define, disseminate and enforce the laws and regulations following the TPEE Constitution. Each TOIL branch acts independently within the purview of the branch. Each branch selects its staff and employs regional and local administrators, customer support personnel, experts, investigators, enforcement officers, inspectors and information systems. The branches are restrained by several Articles of the TPEE Constitution. The branches must be responsive to the people as spelled out in Article 24 of the Constitution including the branch’s functionaries. Transparency is required in all the operations of the TOIL Branches and their functionaries.

It is beyond foolish to think that one person can be experienced enough or educated enough to make informed judgments about complex national and international matters without relying on input from advisors. The chances of making a mistake or fatal error are highly likely. What if this person is mentally unstable, corrupt, greedy or just plain stupid. The TOIL is composed of the best of the best in each branch. Sixteen branches with three members per branch distribute the power to govern among forty-eight specialized individuals.

These 48 elected specialists make up the body of government. The greatest separation of power and most intelligent method of running a nation. Influencing any one branch would be extremely difficult given the constitutional restraints, essential oversight of the people and the vetting of the members. There are no secrets, confidential documents, closed-door meetings, intelligence gathering, loyalty pledges, backroom deals or other clandestine actions. The people in the immortocracy have given their trust with verification. It is a polite society which promotes respect for government, respect for the law, and most importantly respect for each other. Problems may arise, and people become disrespectful; yes. Hopefully, with resolve, these issues can be solved without physical or emotional harm.

The People’s Elysian Existence with its TOILS and Constitution will constitute new management of modern society. The old rules and past precedent will not apply. A clean slate with no historical record of dealing with problems. A new existence requires new innovative laws and regulations. Some laws and regulations will be mirrored and do not need to be reinvented. All laws and regulations will be reviewed per the standards outlined in the TPEE Constitution. A whole new beginning for an entirely renewed society which practices in living and thinking like an immortal.

It is time to put the current forms of ineffective governing on the scrap heap and try a bold logical way of empowering the people. It takes real courage to make the change and we the people need change.

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Citizenship and Voting in a Modified Democracy known as an Immortocracy

September 2017 updated December 1, 2017

A survey of ordinary citizens not directly or indirectly involved in politics, found that there was little interest in who was representing them at all levels of government. The fact is they could not care less as long as they could live their lives in peace and go about their business without unbearable interference. Most people expressed elections as being annoying and somewhat meaningless. Even those who bothered to vote felt their vote did not count.

Critics, who are decidedly involved in the existing political machines, were quick to point out this public attitude as being flawed. They persisted in stating the opposite opinion of the voters. Every vote counts the political machines were quick to point out.

The question has been what they were voting for or against during an election? What were the choices? Was it the lesser of two evils or a choice between a well-funded candidate and a poorly funded one. Did the best resume win or the one with a gerrymandered district? Did the candidate, who lied about their opponent and made promises he had no intention of keeping, win the election. It is no wonder politics and politicians are considered to be corrupt or inept and often sometimes both.

In a world where money corrupts, and greed seeks more and more power, politics and leadership are logically suspect. Public trust in government is weak, and respect for the rule of law lacks needed support. People feel their tax dollars are paying for graft, fraud, waste, abuse, and things they think are not necessary.

You can call this democracy, social democracy, a representative democracy, or any other type of faux dictatorship that you may think fits. The facts are the rules, law enforcement, justice, rhetoric and media coverage are all influenced and controlled by monied interests. There are only an illusions of concern for the welfare of the people. People are usually victimized by rampant fear mongering.

Some voice and advocate to remove the influence of money from elections. A great idea but highly flawed solution when monied interests own the media from print to broadcast and even the internet. Also, there are still the political party machines who choose the candidates put up for election, not the public at large. Backroom deals with dark money flowing under the table would continue unabated. Special interest candidates would pollute the election cycle leaving established parties able to slip unqualified candidates into offices without obtaining more than fifty percent of the votes.

It needed to be pointed out, the obvious flaws of a representative driven government, which is voted on by a less than informed electorate prone to be influenced by political advertisements, religious zealots, racism, fear and wedge issues. The result of this kind of leadership is gridlock and irrational swings in governmental policy. Neither of which is any kind of good government or progress for the respective societies.

Meanwhile, the greed-fueled rape and plunder of the people and the environment continue unabated. The end game here is catastrophic at best or extinction of the human race as we know it.

Immortals cannot stand by and do nothing or opt the attitude of the deathist who think they won’t live long enough to have it happen to them. It is time for an intervention before the deathists kill us all. It is time for immortals to wake up the people and teach them how to live the future.

Definition: Immortal - a person who lives, thinks and acts like they will live in the same physical body forever.

Definition: Deathist - a person who lives, thinks and acts like they are going to die at any time soon or tomorrow with often the uncertain belief of a better existence in a make-believe place or alternate dimension.

Very few people have the know-how inclination or training to manage a government entity or lead society. Leadership is a core subject in military training programs but not in all but a few private colleges, which primarily concentrate on the principles of business management training. Governing is not suitable to either form of leadership. A hybrid can be effective, but there needs to be a third factor. The third element is compassion. A rare combination of leadership traits to possess. The ability to lead is only one factor which covers know how and inclination.

Training in leadership skills needs to be tempered with a solid philosophy. A philosophy which puts the needs of the individual and the group ahead of economics and popularity. A leader has obligations to the public before any agenda designed to save or make money. Government is not a business of any type. Government is the rule of law, management of the commons, protection of the people from any source that would potentially endanger lives and poised to provide resources in the event of a catastrophe or state of emergency. It has no business in promoting any company, group, political supporters or religious ideology.

Ideally, a leader or representative elected by or from any political party would embrace bipartisanship and show no favoritism towards any political party. It is wrong for any elected leader to be regarded or function as the head or member of a political party. Once elected or appointed the individual is to protect and defend the country’s constitution and the whole people while maintaining the rule of law. Loyalty should be to all of the people and not any one person, entity, or political ideology. Unfortunately, in the present reality, this does not occur very often.

The entire concept of political parties, designed or engineered to impose an agenda, is divisive, single-minded, discriminatory and fundamentally flawed. Opinions and opinion polls are not sound governing or the basis for it.  Just because something does not taste, look, or feel good does not mean it is not good for you. Democracy is not doing what is popular but doing what is correct based on what the situation dictates to be the best possible solution for minorities and all the people. It is the essence of an immortocracy to improve a society and eliminate friction between its people. 

We seek renewed reverence for the Earth and a vision of Nature as the ultimate context for human existence. - Motto of the Pantheist Society

Now comes the responsibility of citizens concerning voting. An immortocracy is managed and lead by Toil Branches which have three members in each branch. These members must agree unanimously upon any changes to laws and regulations. They do not create policy or render opinions. They merely make decisions based upon input from the people and appointed experts requesting a change to existing laws or regulations as long as the requested change does comply with the Constitution. Branch members may agree to create a new law or regulation or delete an existing one if a situation warrants such an action. The branch must publish the changes and explain the reasoning and justification.

Any citizen or group of citizens may petition any Toil Branch excluding businesses which are not allowed the privilege. Government is only for humans and citizens of the TPEE. People can speak to businesses, but businesses do not speak for people.

Citizens have the responsibility to comply with laws and regulations. They vote by compliance and vote by petitioning the Toil Branch. One such vote has never had so much power or meaning. A vote either implies consent or dissent. It is the essence of voting in an immortocracy.

Also, citizens are involved in the selection of members of the TOILS. All TOIL members, as a group, select qualified candidates to replace TOIL members whose terms are expiring. These candidates are nationally advertised to the citizens of the TPEE. The candidate's resume, qualifications, and panel interviews are shown and published to the electorate. Citizens then are given the task of confirming or rejecting any candidate nominated by the TOIL members over a ten-day period. All citizens over the age of 16 years are required to vote unless exempted by physical circumstance. Failure to vote subjects a citizen to fines, community service or both. Participation in government is mandatory in the TPEE as is community service.

Community service or serving in the government of the TPEE is required of all able citizens over the age of twenty-five years. Citizens volunteer for the type service they are inclined to favor. The commitment is for life to serve in some capacity each year.

Article 1. Immortalist State

The Immortocracy is an immortalist state under the people's democratic consent led by the Members of all the Branches of the TREE OF IMMORTAL LIVING (TOIL) and based on the alliance of all human genders publicly acknowledged to be immortals.

The TOIL system is the primary method of governing The People's Elysian Existence an Immortocracy. The perversion of the TOIL system by any organization or individual is prohibited.

The base philosophy of The People's Elysian Existence is conducting the affairs of state as if all the people and the state will live on for eternity. Immortals plan and subsist as if it is theoretically possible to physically live forever.

Article 2. Power Belongs To The People

All power in the Immortocracy belongs to the people.

The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law.

Unions and the local people's caucus at various levels are the organs through which the people input ideas to the various TOILs.

The people administer state affairs and manage economic, cultural and social affairs through various channels and in various ways following the law and the constitution.

Article 3. Immortocracy

The state organs of The People's Elysian Existence apply the principle of immortalist philosophy.

The TOIL Branch members are constituted through democratic competitions. They are responsible to the people and subject to their supervision. All administrative, judicial and administrative organs of the state are created by the TOIL Branches to which they are responsible and by which they are supervised.

The divisions of functions and powers between the Toil Branches and local state organs are guided by the principle of giving full scope to the initiative and enthusiasm of the local authorities under the unified leadership of the centralized TOIL Branches.

Governing in an immortocracy is by democratically chosen pre-qualified candidates trained academically for the service they perform. Restrictions beyond those found in the Constitution are purposed by petition and voted on by the citizens. These propositions are not amendments to the Constitution but laws restricting undesired behavior within the whole population.

Article 6. Voting Requirements

All citizens of The People's Elysian Existence who have reached the age of 16 have the right to vote and at 25 stands for election. Citizens regardless of ethnic status, race, sex, occupation, family background, religious belief, education, property status or length of residence, no persons, for any reason, are deprived of voting rights according to law. Voting is by identification number, password and multi-factor authentication from a computer kiosk, smart phone, other authorized device or method. It is everyone’s duty as a citizen to vote. Elections take place over a period of 10 days and no results are reported until 2 days after the end of the election cycle. Citizens must be within the territorial boundaries of The People's Elysian Existence during the election period in order to cast a vote unless on-duty outside the territory conducting the affairs of The People's Elysian Existence.

Healthcare and Disease Prevention

May 5, 2017 updated December 1, 2017

In humankind’s very brief time on this planet, science has managed to make some genuinely fascinating discoveries and achieve many things that were long deemed impossible. In the last two centuries alone, great scientific minds have been responsible for creating electricity, discovering DNA and putting a man on the moon. Despite the scientific milestones we have made, a far more complex subject continues to baffle and bewilder the world’s greatest minds – humans. In fact, many of our common behavioral traits and bodily functions are still a mystery to scientists.

Like many things we seem to leave up to fate, health shouldn’t be one of them. Health education and remediation are not separate issues. Much of the medical science to date has concentrated on the suppression of disease and making people feel no pain. Little has been done to address the causes of disease. Wars, accidents, sports injuries, and violence has made trauma treatment an outstanding scientific field. Surgeons, first responders, nurses, ER doctors, technicians and rehabilitation professionals are to be honored for their service. The TPEE (The People’s Elysian Existence) must have the best available trauma care for all of its citizens.

Wars, accidents, sports injuries, and violence are preventable. Not to say they will not occur and that we should not be prepared to handle them. Safety in the home and the workplace needs to be emphasized a vital part of the education of the citizenry. The technology, which exists, should be applied and new technology needs to be developed and fostered to prevent deaths and injuries. The Constitution of The People’s Elysian Existence mandates and funds trauma care, safety and scientific research and development to serve the needs of the people.

Health is one of the essential keys to maintaining a productive economy and an untroubled population. National healthcare only works when prevention is the priority over remediation. Detecting disease before they become life-threatening is somewhat important and should be continued. A more important approach is to discover and remove the causes of disease before they affect a person’s health.

The application of safety prevents trauma and removing the causes of diseases prevents disease. Scientists know the causes of many diseases and the ones they do not know the causes of must be researched. The causes that are known need to be addressed with the citizenry and businesses.

People do want to exist in peace and harmony without the stress of an uncertain future. No one can cure a disease without eliminating the cause in one way or another. Be it cancer or the common cold the human body reacts to causation. People do not need to live in a bubble; just in a sane world with clean water, clean air, safe food and respect for one another. Humans need the best government possible designed to give them what they need to survive, thrive and enjoy a stress-free life. No person can survive without help from other people. Humans are born helpless and need other people to become a fully functional member of society. Every person has a debt to society as long as they live. The best way to repay that debt is by paying respect to everyone you meet. You are an essential part of society. Without you, society and the TPEE do not adequately function. 

Society is like a multi-celled battery which needs to be charged by people doing their part to keep it going. Health begins with the knowledge of how the human body functions and what it needs to survive and what it needs to avoid to stay alive. Whoever nurtures a child gives it a chance to survive and teaches it to avoid getting injured. When a child matures towards adulthood, society provides the environment and education needed for them to become a functional part of society.

Prohibition of recreational substances does not work with many humans and creates black markets for unethical entrepreneurs. A major philosophical flaw in humans allows this to be a truism. No matter the warnings and apparent negative results of their actions they persist in endangering their health and economic survival. The philosophical flaw is that they are deathists and not immortalists. They think they are going to eventually die or get sick no matter what they do to their bodies. Whatever the case may be, it is random and beyond their control. The old stupid is what stupid does idiom. Immortals work from a totally different perspective. This attitude is why changing a person’s philosophy about sickness and dying is the key to successful healthcare.

The People’s Elysian Existence is all about a change in philosophy. Living like you are going to live forever changes everything if you realize you cannot die if you live a healthy peaceful life. Health science is all about removing the causes of disease whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual causation.

Healthy and conscientious individuals often object to paying for other people’s healthcare costs who are health careless, risk takers or convicted criminals. Humans are not perfect and prone to flawed behavior. Government and citizens must accept a certain amount of this behavior in the hope that re-education and remediation efforts minimize the costs to society. All humans in the custody of, within the borders of and care of the state deserve humane treatment and rehabilitation. It is important to note that all citizens are using healthcare all of the time when government funds clean air, clean water, research, education, and safe food; not to mention first responders. Responsible government prevents the people from exposure to toxicants which may cause disease or shorten lifespan. Healthcare cannot be chosen from a menu when you need it. Health caring is an ongoing everyday task. Some mistakenly think we only receive it or need it when we are sick or injured. Comprehensive coverage is the only sane option to choose. Anything short of full coverage is risk-taking.

Healthcare must be a shared responsibility between the government and the individual. The government provides funds for the facilities, personnel, regulation, equipment, and services required to provide a healthful environment and needed care. The individual is expected to contribute their fair share of the payment, to comply with a mandate to avail themselves of preventative healthcare and comply with environmental laws and safety regulations.

Living in any society has inherent risk associated with it. It is the responsibility of both the state and the individual to minimize those risks. Failure of one or both can result in death, illness or severe injury. An individual has the exclusive right to their own life and the state, and no other individual may interfere with that right. All rights flow from the right to life.

Healthcare is a comprehensive system for the maintenance of the physical and mental condition of the human form. It includes the teeth, spine, eyes, associated muscles, tendons, blood, and tissue. Citizens of the TPEE have a mandate to avail themselves of preventative healthcare. Citizens must have, a thorough physical exam every two years, a dental review and cleaning every year, an eye exam every two years, a hearing test every two years, a chiropractic evaluation each year and a mental assessment every three years. The TPEE will also provide public restrooms and shower facilities in common areas. Parks and fitness facilities will be subsidized or provided for general use. Immunizations are optional and provided upon request if deemed safe and effective by the state.

If a person fails to live up to their part in the harmonized peaceful society by showing disrespect for their body or another member of society, then they expect to suffer the consequences of their actions. In the TPEE justice is swift and compassionate. Justice may be re-education or imprisonment or both. In the TPEE people are encouraged to own up to their mistakes, make amends and not repeat failures. People making poor judgments are not necessarily criminals but people who are making flawed choices. 

Forgiveness, redemption and a sincere effort to atone for disrespectful behavior should be embraced by all the people of the TPEE. Revenge is never the best way to handle a loss of respect for a person or property.

Mental disease and depression are treated under the healthcare system of the TPEE. Depression is minimized by integrating people into a highly functional society. A society which is designed to eliminate stress as much as possible and give all people an equal opportunity to prosper and live in peace.

Individuals in the TPEE do have membership requirements. There is no self-sacrifice or altruism required to be a part of an immortocracy. Membership requires citizens to pay their fair share in taxes without discrimination. Everyone pays the same rate on earnings above the minimum livable income or wage. The tax is not progressive but a flat tax. An example would be 15% of earnings above the minimum livable wage with no allowable deductions. ($150 moils* per $1,000) How this treasure is spent is the responsibility of each TOIL Branch and not the taxpayer who is paying into a general fund used by the government for the needs of all the people. How an individual spends their income after taxes is their choice. There is no penalty for becoming rich, dying or any further monetary cost of membership in the TPEE.

Care of minor children by parents, guardians or surrogates is required when services are rendered in TPEE healthcare facilities. The same goes for adult children caring for parents or guardians when they are in such facilities. This common requirement is designed to defer the costs of caring for patients in healthcare facilities as well as aftercare in the home. In the TPEE first aid courses are a mandatory part of education of all citizens and additional course requirements in nursing care. In the rare case of an individual who has no designated healthcare assistant, the state will provide one or rely on volunteers wishing to help. Individuals are encouraged to join organizations which may offer healthcare assistants (surrogates) as a benefit of membership, so they have someone when the need arises. 

Physicians and other healthcare professionals are employees of the TPEE and as such exempt from civil liability. Healthcare is not an exact science and patients share in the responsibility of maintaining good health and safety. These professionals are held to a high standard of practice by their unions and risk losing their jobs just like anyone else who performs substandard work. Bribing any civil servant in the TPEE is illegal. The efficacy of substances, procedures, and devices must be reviewed by unbiased government supervised institutions. The results of these reviews revealed to the public before application.

Citizens may refuse care at their own risk except when there is a known risk to other citizens. Citizens also have the option of assisted termination of their lives in instead of any treatment without qualification or expense. A person has the right to exist for their sole sake. All deaths and births must be certified by the state.

Collectives for the severally handicapped, mentally ill or insane will be maintained by the state at no expense or necessary assistance.

Leave from work will be granted to those assisting in healthcare situations up to one year. Maternity leave, like pregnancy, is, must be planned with the state and given by employers. 

Failure of a citizen to complete the healthcare mandates may subject them to financial penalties and a possible low priority in receiving therapeutic care. A citizen may refuse healthcare or remediation at their sole peril and forfeit all preventive health care benefits afforded by the state. They will still be afforded free trauma care no matter their health care status. The TPEE encourages its citizens to take care of their health and fitness and provides these benefits as an incentive to be healthy to make its citizens more productive, prosperous and increase their longevity and quality of life.

Family Planning and abortion services are also covered by the state. (See Overpopulation Control Section for details)

Citizens healthcare history and medical conditions are recorded electronically by the state and available only to practitioners and the individual or guardian/parent. A citizen may elect to have their medical records stored on a personal electronic device or an embedded chip below the skin. As a countermeasure to kidnaping minors or adults may, at their request, have embedded a tracking device on their bodies, which can be traced or scanned by security systems throughout the TPEE and beyond its borders.

In Summary, Immortalists diligently take care of the one body they possess. Immortals live as if they are not going to die and do everything within their power to enhance the chances of a long, healthful, active life. The Constitution of The People’s Elysian Existence was designed as means to the goal of idealistic living on this planet. Being alive is a sure thing, and dying is not; it is your choice and today is never a good day to die.

It is time to say so long to health insurance companies, medicare parts A-Z, Medicare supplements, advantage programs, state Medicaid plans, employer based insurance plans, cancer policies, single-payer proposals, PPOs, HMOs, health charities and self-insurance plans. Say hello to low-cost life insurance, lower cost vehicle insurance, lower cost long and short-term disability premiums and much more. Welcome to national healthcare and disease prevention system provided by The People’s Elysian Existence. Simple and easy to understand. It is not free, and everyone pays for it and benefits from it. The longer you live, the more you pay, but that is a good thing because you are living longer in better health. Everyone pays the same percentage no matter their age or their income above the annual minimum livable wage which increases over their lifetime. The payments rise over their lifetimes, but the percentage remains the same.

Healthcare is not as a complex issue as politicians make it out to be. It is just not as profitable as doing things the logical and sane way. Profiting on a human’s right to life or good health is despicable and an illogical method to deliver healthcare. You cannot fix a bad road by just filling the potholes.

Healthcare is not a safety net but a cocoon. A cocoon is something that envelops or surrounds, especially in a protective or comforting way.

Article 47. Health Science And Fitness

The People's Elysian Existence develops and provides trauma care and health services, promotes health science and traditional herbal medicine, encourages and supports the setting up of various trauma centers and health facilities by the rural economic collectives, The People's Elysian Existence enterprises and institutions and neighborhood organizations, and promotes health and sanitation activities of a mass character, all for the protection of the people's health.

The People's Elysian Existence develops physical culture and promotes mass sports activities to improve the people's physical fitness.

Article 19. Protection Of Old, Ill, Disabled

Citizens of The People's Elysian Existence have the right to material assistance from the state and society when they are old, ill or disabled. The state develops social insurance, social relief and trauma and health services that are required for citizens to enjoy this right.

The state and society ensure the livelihood of disabled members of the armed forces, provides pensions to the families of martyrs and gives preferential treatment to the families of military personnel.

The state and society help make arrangements for the work, rest, livelihood and education of the blind, deaf-mutes and other handicapped citizens. Maltreatment of sick persons, women, and children is prohibited.

Mental illness and substance abuse are to be treated like any other disease with the goal of returning the individual to functionality. 

Education is Free and Public

April 27, 2017 updated December 1, 2017

It is past time to wake up and live future and quit using the archaic teaching methods of the past. Education is the critical element of the immortalist lifestyle. Literacy is the foundation of a harmonious and productive society. Education is free for all citizens and encouraged through the college degree level. Starting in preschool and advancing through high school graduation is mandatory in The People’s Elysian Existence (TPEE) before the age of twenty-five years. Citizens over the age of twenty-five when they immigrated to the TPEE must attend schooling to obtain a high school equivalent education no matter their age, gender, or religion and may progress from that point to a college degree or vocational school diploma.

Any citizen may attend advanced college degree programs or vocational training upon qualified application for free based on the social and economic need of the TPEE. Students must repay or provide costs associated with transportation, housing, and food. All schools are open to attendance by any student including private and those operated by collectives or religious organizations without qualification other than capacity. If the enrollment of a school is limited, then all students applying for attendance will be chosen by a lottery supervised by the state.

Citizens choosing to attend military, police academies or other critical need occupational training designated by the Education TOIL Branch, will have the costs of housing, transportation and food provided by the TPEE.

Educational curriculum and standards are established by Education TOIL Branch and universally applied to all schools. Teacher Unions and Trade Unions have the responsibility of training highly qualified teachers and providing input to the TOIL Branch. Innovative approaches to education are encouraged. The state promotes the all-round development of children and young people, morally, intellectually and physically.

In an immortocracy, education and social interaction are separated but seamlessly integrated. Traditional school buildings will no longer exist and give way to high tech video and virtual reality lecture halls. The curriculum will be universal, computer-based, media-enhanced and interactive. No more printed textbooks will be required since ebooks will replace all of them. Custodial based teaching will no longer exist in its present form. Students will be partnered with other students from various geographical areas, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Students will take classes over the internet with a virtual or live teacher from the safety of their homes. Physical education, music education, arts education, sports and other semi-social activities are community-based. Field trips and lab work will be integrated into each students school year along with regional and national competitions. These competitions will hew national curriculum to a cutting edge.

Parent(s) will become an interactive component of the minor's educational process. A parent will be involved in the lessons given the student. It will go beyond just helping the student with their homework. Assignments will include the parent being evaluated along with the student. The parent(s) will get a grade much like that of the student. It is all a part of the responsibility of raising a child to adulthood. Teaching will not be solely the responsibility of a custodial school.

A student will progress through levels of achievement at the rate best suited for the parent(s) and the student and not based on aptitude or age. Core curriculum must be enhanced by parental supervision and involvement. Life coaching will be up to the parent(s) who will be provided outlines and referrals to other resources to further the student's education beyond the virtual classroom. A student's success will not be just based on their grades in spite of the participation of the parent(s).

Formal learning in the immortocracy is considered to be a lifelong process and not just experience after graduation from schooling. Experience is valuable and should be passed on to future generations, but it needs to be shared and built upon to enhance its value.  

Article 14. Right To And Duty Of Education

Citizens of The People's Elysian Existence have the right as well as the duty to receive education at no cost in public institutions established by the state. The People's Elysian Existence encourages all citizens to attend college or vocational schooling beyond a mandatory secondary education.

The state promotes the all-round development of children and young people, morally, intellectually and physically.

The People's Elysian Existence undertakes and funds the development of immortalist education and works to raise the scientific and cultural level of the whole nation.

The People's Elysian Existence establishes and administers schools of various types, universalizes compulsory primary and secondary education and promotes secondary, vocational and higher education as well as pre-school education.

The People's Elysian Existence develops educational facilities to eliminate illiteracy and provide scientific, technical and professional education as well as general education for workers, prisoners, the People's Elysian Existence functionaries and other working people. It encourages people to become educated through computer-based and innovative types of independent study.

The People's Elysian Existence encourages the collective economic organizations, Unions, Co-op enterprises and institutions and other sectors of society to establish educational institutions of various types following the law.

The People's Elysian Existence promotes the development of natural and social sciences, disseminates knowledge of science and technology, and commends and rewards