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Flag of The People's Elysian Existence‚Äč

StarrWriter Publishing was created to showcase the writings of Dreamers and Innovators in the field of Philosophy and Health Science. A whole new category of non-fiction books labeled "wishful thinking" was created along with the traditional fiction and non-fiction books.  Submissions are welcome in accordance with the theme of innovative thought with positive affirmations.

Guest Speaker

Need an interesting guest speaker for your organization or event? Dr. Starr can stimulate an audience with his knowledge of health science and how we can and should live like immortals. Audiences will come away with the secrets of immortal living and a new attitude towards living a stress free healthy lifestyle.

Guest Lecturer

Wherever there is a medium for education, there is a need for lecturers. Education is not limited to traditional schools and universities as learning anywhere at any point in life can be considered educational. As a guest lecturer Dr. Starr gives speeches, talks, or answer questions pertaining to his fields of Immortalist Philosophy, Elysian Political Science and Health Science. As an author, teacher, and experienced practitioner in these specialized fields, he brings an unique prospective to the forefront.

Tutoring and Mentoring

"Mentoring" or "tutoring"is a process that always involves communication and is relationship-based. Dr. Starr loves to teach and his multiple degrees, qualifications, and world experience gives him the ability to teach a range of academic subjects.  If you are looking for someone to give your child a challenge and a practical understanding of how knowledge can be used in a productive way, then contact him with your requirements.